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White House Down Review
by Film Fan
on March 14, 2014
in Film Titles: W - 9 , The Truffle Shuffler
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White House Down Review

This is basically Olympus has Fallen but with worse acting, worse plot and worse effects.  Olympus has Fallen was decent, this is not! Every element of cheese is in this film for you to savour, annoying know it all kid, hero dad, hero President, by numbers baddie’s and topped of by some shocking special effects.  I wonder if Jamie Foxx and James Woods knew what they were getting into to agree to be in this film?  Or was the pay day was a big one?  If you want to watch an all American, save the day, save the President film then Olympus is the one.  White House Down, I felt very down having spent 2 hours watching it!

Truffle Shuffler 0.5/5

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