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Under the Skin Review

by Film Fan on August 10, 2014 in Film Titles: T - V , Oh Crumbs - AVOID , The Truffle Shuffler with Comments Off on Under the Skin Review

This is without doubt the worst film I have ever watched! It is dull from the start, literally nothing happens, much of it is in silence and grey and drab (because it is set in Scotland!). Scarlett takes her clothes off which for many may be a selling point of the film but by the time that happens you really won’t care and just want to be put out of the misery of watching such a dull, dull film.  Yes there is a message there (Scarlett is an alien in a human body and she starts to feel and undertand human emotions which changes her) but I really didn’t care and just wanted it to end!

Truffle Shuffler: 0/5

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