Develop Strategic Thinking – A Team Building Survival Horror!

Imagine there’s a asteroid flying straight toward earth. Scientists had miscalculated its trajectory, and suddenly realise the earth has only 294 days before the worst catastrophe in the history of human kind. Combining elements of critical thinking, in-depth situation analysis, and quick action under pressure, your team will be challenged with the task of bringing themselves to safety in a situation of unimaginable horror.

What will you do to ensure the survival of your team? What about the survival of the human race? What sort of issues will you need to sort through? Can you build a bunker large enough to save everyone? How will you decide who stays inside and who is left to the elements of destruction?

Combining facets of decision making under pressure with deep thought over fundamental ethical issues, your team will be tasked with understanding the situation, working under pressure, making life and death decisions, and implementing a solution which optimises their chances of survival.
Not every group’s outcome is the same, but each event gives your team a chance to work together to come up with solutions for some very serious questions. For many, this event brings out the best in their big-picture thinking and communication of fundamental ideas and principles. We also design this event to inspire leadership, detailed analysis, and strategic thinking.