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Star Trek Into Darkness
by Film Fan
on November 14, 2013
in Film Titles: S , The Bigger Boat , The Truffle Shuffler
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Star Trek Into Darkness

A big challenge to match the first Star Trek reboot but on the whole they manage it. Great action, decent villain and I personally think Simon Pegg is great as the main comedy relief. Bring on the 3rd instalment of this so far very good franchise.

Truffle Shuffler: 4/5

It starts off at a frantic pace – and maintains it nearly all the way through – but at the expense your involvement and much of the ‘feel good’ humour of JJ’s first Star Trek.  It feels much more of a ‘Star Trek’ movie – but, ironically, that may not be a good thing.  It does entwine themes and characters from the original series and films in interesting ways and is entertaining.  It’s just not as good.

The Bigger Boat:  3/5

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