Develop Creative Thinking The Team Building Space Adventure


Can your team manage the massive scope of the space exploration project whilst designing and developing new products? But what if something goes wrong? Here’s where the real thrill begins.

Challenging your team in high-pressure, simulated life or death situations can bring out the best in all of us, and even some surprises in personalities. Use this event as a non-threatening way to challenge your team to perform to tight deadlines, while helping them turn nervous energy into positive problem-resolution processes.

From prototype design to take-off and through to landing and exploration, your teams will compete in the race to Mars – smaller groups representing different nations. Which nation will win?

Teams need to communicate effectively as they complete wide-ranging practical activities to ensure their journey, landing and base preparation is successful. At any moment, there will be the possibility of dire emergencies, which will require their complete attention and focus in order to solve against the clock.

Above all else, funding needs to be carefully managed, so strong project leaders need to keep their cool to ensure targets are met most efficiently and profitably.

Whether it is mission well-accomplished or national hopes scrambled, your staff can bound home ready to retell their heroic story about the extraordinary challenge. For the next day at work, they will bring with them an expanded set of skills and competencies to help them more effectively handle the next crisis as it unfolds.