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Side Effects
by Film Fan
on January 9, 2014
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Side Effects

It is best to see this film with as little background knowledge about it as possible. Suffice it to say, this is very cleverly named, written and directed – encompassing a range of themes and multiple genres. At its core it is about manipulation, trust and the fighting spirit. If you want to give your grey cells a workout it could be for you. It is well worth a second viewing too – as your perspective changes throughout. It is slow burning and very much character driven so you need to be patient – to allow it to unravel itself toward a great payoff.

The Bigger Boat: 4/5

Nutshell Score:



Ideas for Team Building Activities:

This taught, twisting thriller had us second guessing all the way – and still managed to offer surprises. We have multiple stories of varying complexity available in our Mystery Thriller range – and we like to think (based on evaluations by participants) that we deliver the same journey and experience as taken in this film. If you like a true challenge – you should play one of our Dead on Time Forensic Thriller events and talk to us about the difficulty level you would like to put your teams through! They range from moderate to mind-bendingly complex.