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Runner Runner Review
by Film Fan
on April 16, 2014
in Film Titles: P - R , The Truffle Shuffler
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Runner Runner Review

I think the fact that i have virtually no thoughts at all about this film probably sums it up.  Nothing really happens!  Is it a thriller?  It’s not thrilling! Is it a cool, stylish, sexy Oceans 11 type film?  It is not cool, stylish or sexy! Is it meant to have a twist ending?  It is not twisty!!  Whilst i didn’t feel a great urge to switch this film off, once it finished it felt as though nothing had entertained me.  Timberlake is not a leading man and I have no idea what Affleck was thinking doing this film in the same time period as something as great as Argo. Runner Runner? Duller Duller!

Truffle Shuffler: 1.5/5

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