Recruitment Activities The Ultimate Interview Technique

A Thorough and Accurate Method To Help You Choose The Best Candidate


From hour-long interview sessions to day-long events, our unique activities can be used to help your company make decisions regarding potential candidates for hire. More than just asking them the typical interview questions – questions for which they can rehearse – give them a different challenge, one which reveals their nature under pressure and ability to think critically.
Our HR-support session brings your candidates together to challenge them through role playing, situation analysis and outcome-based problem resolution. You will have the chance to see them first-hand, in action, as they solve problems, interact with other candidates, and lead individual tasks.
Using our unique scenarios, you can learn about your candidate’s natural work tendencies and get a feel for how they would perform under real-life pressure. Depending on the nature of your own work environment, we can contour the scenes to highlight conditions similar to the actual position with respect to in-depth analysis, critical thinking, pressure, and creative problem resolution.