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Prisoners Review
by Film Fan
on March 22, 2014
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Prisoners Review

A dark film that has a great premise but drags that premise out over a far too long movie.  The set up is good and draws you in but it drags in the middle where it needs a bit more pace to hold your attention.  The acting is strong and anyone with children will feel the characters pain.  The main problem with this film is that you see every “twist” coming and that is a disappointment for me. Worth watching but not one that will need, or deserve, repeat viewings.

Truffle Shuffler 2.5/5

This had the opportunity to stand alongside Seven as one of the most haunting thrillers made – one that lingers in the mind long after. But, it just misses out with one too many cliches and a tendency to join the dots too easily for the audience. There is one ‘oh come on…’ moment that is just lazy story telling and from that point it all gets a little too predictable and backs away from the darkness and shadows. If only Jake didn’t have hound-like hearing it could have been so much better! It is still one of the better thrillers around though – and worth blowing your money on.

Bigger Boat: 3.5/5

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If you like this dark mysterious thriller – then you will find our Dead on Time forensic events will give you and your team the rare chance to solve equally dark and complex cases. Whilst other team building events focus on gimmicks and theatrics – we focus on real-life activities and in-depth, challenging scenarios. Some have so much backstory – you can make a weekend or more out of the experience. However, one of the most important lessons we learnt from this film was: do not make it too easy! Our thriller events really will require your team to think critically whilst under pressure – always considering multiple options.