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Pain and Gain
by Film Fan
on January 5, 2014
in Film Titles: P - R , The Bigger Boat , The Truffle Shuffler
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Pain and Gain

When this landed on the mat – I was disappointed. Whalberg and The Rock – my expectation was low. When I realised it was a Bay film – I nearly didn’t put it in the machine. It would’ve been my loss because this was surprisingly entertaining. The fact the leads play a very dark comedy totally straight is the secret to success in what is a shocking, funny and horrifying story. The fact it is very close to the true events makes it all the better. However, there is so much to fit in that it does sag a little in the middle – unlike the leads! The extras documentary telling the actual story is also worth a watch.

The Bigger Boat: 4/5


Given this is based on a true story makes it quite unbelievable, yet it actually happened! Whilst this film will win no Oscars it is a fun film with laugh out loud moments.  Marky Mark is great as body builder number 1 with the Rock a decent comic foil as his Jesus loving buddy.  It is slightly over long but the 3 main leads keep you interested and knowing it happened makes it more entertaining. Summed up it is big muscled men with a few bikini wearing ladies thrown in attempting to pull of a crime caper, and it is a good, fun ride.

Truffle Shuffler: 3/5

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  1. LJ Whitworth Jan 05, 2014 at 8:54 PM

    Informative and interesting reviewer, who made me want to give the film a try.