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Noah Review
by Film Fan
on August 28, 2014
in Film Titles: M - O , The Bigger Boat , The Truffle Shuffler
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Noah Review

I am not a religious person and dont know a huge amount the bible so one positive about this film is that I learnt something. That is about the only positive.  For a big “epic” film some of the effects are really poor and some of the acting even poorer. The film is not what I would class as dull but the actors seem bored to be in it. We all know the story, in some way, but it seems to be very dragged out even though it is not especially long, it just feels a bit like that. Crowe supports some ever changing hair styles throughout the film which is amusing (not sure it is meant to be!?) and I cheered when the Winstone met his end as he was truly awful.

Truffle Shuffler: 1/5

Strangely, if you like Lord of the Rings – you may actually like this retelling of the Biblical classic but you need to be able to approach it as nothing more than a grand olde story. Sure, there are morals, judgements and sins floating throughout – just ready for you to hang on to should you wish – but no more so than in the Hobbit or the like. If you can tolerate some dodgy CGI effects (harking back to Heston’s Moses), ignore the Winstone and accept Hopkins doing his usual – it is nowhere near as bad as it has been made out. Perhaps you need to approach it expecting the end of the world to have a half decent time. I imagine it will be rolled out time and time again on Sunday TV – so wait for it then.

The Bigger Boat: 2/5

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