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Locke: Nutshell Review
by Film Fan
on November 1, 2014
in Film Titles: J - L , Oh Crumbs - AVOID , The Bigger Boat
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Locke: Nutshell Review

You can’t miss the quotes on the front of this DVD. One read something like, “One of the most nail-biting thrillers of the year”. I am acutely aware of differences in perception – but I just cannot understand how this film received such high acclaim. I may have bitten my nails – but it was out of mind-numbing boredom. To imagine Locke – you need to remove the claustrophobia of Buried (one man ingeniously filmed inside a coffin), the heart of Gravity (one woman lost in space) and the minimalism of All Is Lost (one man stranded at sea). Also, replace an intriguing situation and a character you may come to care about. That is Locke: a dull character (meant to be an everyman?) in a boring situation – advertising a BMW for 90 minutes. Metaphors are heavily laden throughout – but it is not a film built on the concrete foundations it so hopes to be.  I recommend getting stuck on the M25 for two hours at night to have more thrills.

Bigger Boat: 0/5

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