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I did not expect this to live up to the hype – but I cannot help but rave about it! This is one of the rare films that should be seen on the biggest screen as possible – the visuals are fantastic, both the effects and ultra close-up filming. That doesn’t mean I’m sold on 3D anymore than normal – in my opinion a floating pen, a teardrop and shrapnel fragments do not warrant the discomfort of the glasses and the lighter wallet – but see it in IMAX anyway for the sheer scope. The film itself is perfectly paced – making this an awesome experience rather than an outsider observation. It achieves real tension and excitement. This is ninety minutes on a theme park ride – and you will want to jump right back into it if you can. Warning – it will be significantly lost on a small screen – so shell out now!

The Bigger Boat:  4.5/5

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Ideas for Team Building Activities:

This is a master class in maintaining and building tension. The story is simple – but expertly told. It clearly demonstrates the importance of music and sound in this process (winning Oscars in these categories). But, most essentially – it focusses on our ability to problem solve in order to survive against the odds. If you like this film – you would find our Target:Mars and Bunkered team building days particularly effective. You will need to be able to move from one problematic situation to another if you are to make it through successfully – undaunted by the risk taking required to win!

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  1. j barker Jan 10, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    good review entirely agree must be seen on a big screen, but did think it was good in 3D