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Gaurdians of the Galaxy Review
by Film Fan
on August 7, 2014
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Gaurdians of the Galaxy Review

Whilst this is part of the Marvel Cinamatic Universe it feels very different. Not better or worse, just different. It is more of a sci-fi romp than a superhero movie but it is a great sci-fi romp. The film centres on a group of mis-matched “hero’s” each with great casting and no one feels like a side-kick. There is great humour through out and some brilliant throw away lines. Chris Platt is great as the leader Star Lord and there are sequals to be had here without doubt. It feels very fresh compared to Iron Man, Thor, Capt America and chums (which are all great films) which means Marvel can keep expanding their Universe. The only down of the movie was the pretty weak main “baddie” who didn’t do much and (with out spoiling the end) got finished off fairly easiliy. But without doubt this is a fun packed, action fuelled success and I hope there is a sequal to build on this first film.

Truffle Shuffler: 4/5

Nutshell Score:

4 NutshellReview