Improve Critical Thinking – The Real Team Building Murder Mystery


Put your investigative prowess to the test by participating in our Forensic Thriller team building event. During this session, you and your team will have the chance to analyse a crime scene, conduct a realistic forensic investigation and present its findings. The end objective will be to solve the mystery before your rivals!

To do that, your team members must organize and carry out the investigation, while working together to consider individual suspects, motivations, and events leading up to the death of the man found in a car park. Your team will collect evidence, completing actual forensic activities such as taking finger prints, analysing blood stains, DNA analysis, scrutinizing statements from witnesses and suspects, and other exciting activities associated with a real crime scene investigation.

Through these activities, your team can practice detailed analysis and critical thinking in a whole new context. Feel the thrill of solving the mystery whilst competing against your colleagues to be the top sleuth. Give your staff a day out of the office that they’ll never forget.

We separate your staff into smaller teams – based on your objectives for the event. All teams go head-to-head in a competition to analyse the same information and forensic evidence in order to solve the case. Then we bring the teams together to compare answers. Not every team comes to the same conclusion, but to us, the differences are where the greatest learning opportunities take place, to see a solution from another team’s perspective. In the end, the challenge remains, unravel the mystery and solve the crime to be the leading crime scene investigators.

The difference is in the detail and delivery, which explains why our forensic event team building activities make for an unrivalled murder mystery.