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Bigger Boat’s Top Ten Films

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The Bourne Identity

The Shawshank Redemption

Big Country

The Dark Knight

True Romance

The Usual Suspects

American Beauty

The Matrix


Other Favourites


Pulp Fiction

L.A Confidential

Mystic River

Dances With Wolves

Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark


Truffle Shuffler’s Top Ten Films

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Star Wars IV – A New Hope

The all time classic sci-fi film and still the best that has ever been made. Of course it has dated but the storyline is still great, Ford’s Han Solo is brilliant and in Darth Vadar a baddie that is very bad. This film will always be the sci-fi film that others are compared too.


Great acting from all the cast especially Pesci. One of the very best Gangster films ever made and does stand the test of time. Whilst the running time is quite long it is always gripping, interesting and above all entertaining.

The Untouchables

In my opinion Kev Costners best film ( unless you count Waterworld?!!!!) with a brilliant support  from James  Bond. Costner is believable as Elliot Ness and you route for the good guys to take down Capone.  Again a fantastic gangster film, one of the very best.

Avengers Assemble

If you like superhero movies that are more fun than dark then this film is the one. Marvel have great characters and for the best ones to be in one film is entertainment in bucket loads. Each character holds there own (apart from Hawkeye who seems pretty one dimensional) and the film is packed with humour. Standout scenes are with the Hulk and Loki. Bring on Avengers 2.

The Goonies

Reminds me of being a kid and loving this film, and it still huge fun as an adult. A group of kids go of on an adventure looking for treasure and of course a band of bad un’s are hot on their heels. This is a feel good, fun film and is nostalgia at its best.

A Few Good Men

A fantastic cast (Cruise, Bacon, Moore, Sutherland Jnr and of course Jack!) all  giving great performances. This is a top notch court room thriller with one of the most famous lines in movies…………….can you handle it???!!!

Usual Suspects

The best ending to a film ever, bar none. The film is gripping start to finish and you do not see the end coming till the last second. Even on repeat viewings when you know the end it is still a  tense film and loses none of its appeal of trying to guess who the man is!

Horrible Bosses

I find this film very funny with a great cast playing great comic characters. Anniston is brilliant playing the sex mad boss and Farrell is hilarious as the sleazy loser.  But the comedy mainly comes from the 3 main leads with Jason Bateman really showing his comedy skills. A very under-rated comedy film that deserves repeat viewings.

Up in the Air

Deserves the awards it won, this is a very we’ll acted film with George Clooney in great form as the lead. Given its subject matter it is a film with humour, emotion and a great ending. All 3 characters have great chemistry and as you watch Clooney’s life you start to think that you are glad you have your life and not his character’s which seems a very lonely existence.

Batman – The Dark Knight

Chris Nolan has set the benchmark for dark superhero films and this is the best one of them all. Whilst Heath Ledger gets the focus for a great turn as the Joker, Bale is great as the tormented main man and there is great supporting cast to back him up. The film has everything from great acting, great action, a moral story and an ending which leads into the next (and again very good)) film to end a cracking trilogy.