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American Hustle Review
by Film Fan
on February 25, 2014
in Film Titles: A - C , The Bigger Boat
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American Hustle Review

I must have missed something, be dumber than I thought or watched a different film to those hyping this as greatness. It is not much above average. The acting is all good but the story is not as smart as it thinks it is and it tends to drag. The introductory scene – Batman getting ready having seriously let himself go (the chameleon Bale) – recreates the painstaking effort to make the best of a limited hand.  Like the film – it is intriguing but slow. It accurately sums up what is to come for the next 50 hours (at least it felt that long at times). Lawrence gives a standout performance – in a womanly guise without a bow!

The Bigger Boat: 3/5

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