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Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa
by Film Fan
on January 19, 2014
in Film Titles: A - C , The Truffle Shuffler
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Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa

If you are a fan of the Partridge (which I am) then you will like this film as it is basically an extended episode of one of the programs. And at times it can feel like that. There are some really funny moments in the film and Steve Coogan is great as always as Alan. The storyline is of course a bit daft but that is to be expected. There needed to be more big funny scenes to make this film really good and it certainly doesn’t fit the big screen as well as the Inbetweeners movie seemed to, but if like Alan Partridge then this is worth a watch. 2.5 Nutshells.

The Truffle Shuffler: 2.5/5

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