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About Time: Nutshell Film Review
by Film Fan
on March 4, 2015
in Film Titles: A - C , The Bigger Boat
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About Time: Nutshell Film Review

The idea of time travel is always an engaging hook (obviously for McAdams) – but as in ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ do not expect any sci-fi theories or explanations. As long as you are willing to accept these men have a ‘super-power’ to jump time – you can enjoy the core themes of a film that really explores human nature, values and frailties. It has the same feel as Love Actually and The Boat That Rocked – so it is heart-warming and humorous. Unfortunately, its charm does not last for what seems an eternal run time – so when the credits rolled I was definitely thinking – ‘it’s about time!’

The Bigger Boat: 2.5/5

Nutshell Score: 2.5 NutshellReview